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Rolling Through Time is the second acoustic rock song from my second Album called Hope is Grey. The track is played in open C tuning on a Fender 12 string guitar as per usual. I was reading an article on a music blog about how some guy spent a year writing and recording 1 song, with countless edits and expensive late nights in the studio. I will non humbly say, most of my songs take about 1-2 hours to write and edit the words and music, sometimes only 30 minutes. When recording the song, I close the doors in my room to block out any background noise and it starts to get hot quick. So I cannot really do more than 3 takes before I’m sweating. So often I will sing different words than what is written, but as long as it still works, then so be it. One day I would like to build a proper recording studio, but until then my little bedroom jobs will have to do. I spend a few hours practicing and fine tuning the song before recording and then far more time goes into editing the video and uploading. I used to just throw all the clips together and then watch the final cut after it was uploaded, but since I’m taking my music more seriously these days, I have been spending a bit more time editing. Still it’s all pretty raw. Feel free to check out my spin on songwriting and my modern phone and laptop recording studio on my Musician Bio.

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The road is long back to the start.
A crisis rolling back through time and space.
Rising up through clouded days.
We walk alone, until we face the pain, again.

Now that time is on our phone.
Can we fight this all alone.
Can we see through cloudy days.
We are only on our way, through space.
We will always find a way through this.

Now can we open up the door.
And sail our way to stable shores, and more.
On this day we end the flames.
It’s all that I can really say, in vein, to change.

Can we make our own way home.
We can hope to break the chains, in place.
There will always be a way, to change.
It’s all that I have learnt to say, and pray.
And I can’t walk the other way, instead.
And I don’t have the words of faith and blame, to say.

When there’s nothing left to say.
I will hold my face and fade away.
Will this only come to change, the maze.
I hope you like what I am saying, estranged.
And hope that you want me to stay this way, remained.

We were born to change this place.
And I have nothing else to say, except.
The tears in my eyes, will remain the same.
The hope in my heart will not fade away.

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