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Journey Through Space from my latest Album called Seeing Sound is just another song plucked out of the many instrumental tracks that I have written over the years. Played on the 12 string guitar, as always and with a capo on the second fret in the key of F sharp. I would say most of the songs on this album will be in this key as my voice doesn’t really work to well in the key of standard E. It’s just to low for my deeper vocal tones and I struggle with the higher vocal registers. As for the lyrics, I usually hum the melody with meaningless words and record it, then listen to it and see what words pop into my head. Once I have the first line which usually creates the theme of the song, then I let the following sentences just roll out in an improvisational fashion and write them down as they come. For this song I wrote the first 2 verse in that fashion and then recorded it and improvised the third verse and then made a few changes and edits and then called bob my uncle. Find more rambling about how I write songs on my Musician Bio here. Now that I have typed all this out I’m going to go lay down.

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Journey Through Space Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

On a journey through the space.
A marble on its way.
The evolution race.
To see who takes the cake.

Now we wonder in the sky.
It’s written in your eyes.
The soul makes its way.
To find a simple place.
With tales along the way.
It’s written on your face.
We dream of all we see.
With hopes and memories.

Now we wonder in the sky.
The dreaming and the why.
The roads that we will take.
And all that we will face.
To find a simple home.
To make it on our own.
And see that we don’t need.
A false reality.

Journey Through Space 12 String Acoustic Guitar Music by Guitarist Ylia Callan

Journey Through Space Original Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

Journey Through Space Original Lyrics by Ylia Callan Guitar
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