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Dance into the Sun is the fifth acoustic melodic song from my second Album called Hope is Grey. The music is played on the 12 string guitar as per normal in open C tuning. It’s a song about Yin and Yang, positive and negative and duality. Life being a roller coaster going up and then coming back down. If there was nothing bad in life then how would we be able to understand what good is. The song is also aimed to empower people to share and love and work together, instead of all the competition that is widespread in capitalism.

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Dance into the Sun Lyrics: πŸŽ™οΈ

And when things go right.
Our happiness is life.
And when things go wrong.
We feel we don’t belong.
We can fight for our rights.
With freedom in our sights.
And hope won’t be long.
It’s here to make us strong.

And when things go wrong.
I can sing another song.
And when things turn right.
We can dance into the night.
With opening arms.
Let’s dance into the sun.
Let’s open our hearts.
And share in all the love.

And when things are wrong.
We fight until we’re strong.
We open our hearts.
The brightness in the dark.
And see through the trees.
This life is just a dream.
And then things turn right.
Let’s hold it in our sight.

We can dance into the night.
Let go of all our scars.
We can make things right.
And dance into the stars.

Dance into the Sun by Ylia Callan Guitar

Dance into the Sun Original Lyrics: πŸŽ™οΈ

Dance into the Sun Original Lyrics by Ylia Callan Guitar
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