Hope is Grey

A somewhat bleak album by design to reflect what I think is our current state of reality and existence. I gave it the intention of creating an understanding of the false reality and paradigm to inspire change and create a fair and honest world. Although the lyrics may not always reflect it, that was my intention. The entire album besides one song is played on the 12 string acoustic guitar in my own original tuning and fingerstyle fingerpicking. I call the tuning easy open C and it is similar to normal open C tuning but has a few slight differences. On the 12 String it is as follows CC GG CC CG CC CC. The song Anti Stingray is played on 6 string acoustic guitars in standard and open C tuning. The fingerpicking is a variation of travis picking, which I call alternating travis picking. I also play a few riffs with a plectrum (guitar pick) which I have not done for a long time. I started off playing with a pick and then it took a long time to master finger picking and now I finally return to using a pick.

Finding Novacane MP3 🎸 πŸ”Š

Rolling Through Time MP3 🎸 πŸ”Š

Valued Paradigm MP3 🎸 πŸ”Š

Watching Souls Collide MP3 🎸 πŸ”Š

Dance into the Sun MP3 🎸 πŸ”Š

Inbetween Shadows MP3 🎸 πŸ”Š

When Hope is Grey MP3 🎸 πŸ”Š

Anti Stingray 4 in 1 Guitar Solos MP3 🎸 πŸ”Š

Surfing is Fun Instrumental 🎸 πŸ”Š

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Hope is Grey 12 string acoustic guitar melodic, folk pop and acoustic rock song album by Ylia Callan. Find the full audio tracks and music videos here. Or simply click on the song name to be taken to the full audio tracks where I sometimes introduce the song with a short read about what it’s about and include the original lyrics, artworks and music videos. You can also read my musician bio to learn how I write lyrics, record the 12 string guitar and make music videos. Enjoy.

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