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A Valued Paradigm is the third acoustic rock song from my second Album called Hope is Grey. The track is played in easy open C tuning on the 12 string guitar as per usual. I was going to have a break from recording new songs, after pumping out a few track for the release of this website and I kept telling myself this is the last song and then I’m having a break. But this song just popped out like a foal flops out of an old musical mare. Like most of my songs, the lyrics and guitar pieces just evolve from one song into the next song. A lifelong musical story unfolding, one set of words, melodies, fingerstyle patterns and chords at a time. Check out my Musician Bio for more about how I write and record songs.

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Valued Paradigm Lyrics: πŸŽ™οΈ

A valued paradigm.
Experience in life.
When looking back through time.
The memories in my mind.
Now feeling good inside.
Looking through your eyes.
I wonder every way.
Until we find our way.

Is time now just a page.
Floating through the waves.
It’s rolling like a train.
Not stopping for the rain.
When winters on its way.
Emotionally brave.
It opens up a door.
And leaves me wanting more.

I’ll start a brand new day.
Old feelings out the way.
Just floating through the sea.
Of open harmonies.
With nothing left to lose.
And nothing more to gain.
When life becomes a plate.
We eat more than we need.
Where blinded by the greed.
With hopeless memories.
We eat more than we need.

A Valued Paradigm by Ylia Callan Guitar

Valued Paradigm Original Lyrics:

A Valued Paradigm Original Lyrics
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