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My Top 10 Guitar Learning Tips

Learning Guitar Basics Tips and Tutorial

  1. Memorise the string names in standard tuning starting with the bass string E A D G B E.
  2. Memorise the string note names. Starting on the bass E string. E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D#. That was 12 notes, after D# Sharp it goes back to E in the next octave up.
  3. Learn sharp and flat notes. F Sharp is the same note as G Flat and there is only two set of notes that do not contain a sharp or a flat in between, and they are between E to F and B to C.
  4. Learn the tone tone semitone tone tone tone semitone pattern. Notice how there is no # Sharp between E to F and B to C. This is because they are semitones. This might seem complicated but if you can learn the T T S T T T S structure you can work out any note anywhere on the neck of the guitar.
  5. Learn the basic open chords in standard tuning. You can use the tool above to select the chord name and start with the open major and minor chords.
  6. Learn how to play a bar chord, again in minor and major. See diagram below. Here you can see the string names E A D G B E and the fret numbers in roman numerals and the numbers on the chords represent your fingers, 1 being your index finger and 4 being your little finger. The elongated 1 bar represents your index finger pushing down all the strings on that fret. Underneath the chord patterns are the chord names.
  7. Learn how to read tablature (tabs), this is the easiest way to learn any song and there is literally and endless supply of websites that offer free tabs.
  8. Learn how to play the pentatonic minor scale. It is by far the most commonly used scale for playing guitar solos. See diagram below.
  9. Find the key of any song by locating the root note of the pentatonic minor scale. In the diagram below the root note is bass string E (1). In standard tuning the key of A root note will be on the bass E string 5th fret. The key of G will be the bass E string 3rd fret.
  10. Learn the major and minor scales.
  11. And that’s basically all you need to know. Now comes the fun part. Practice Practice Practice.
Basic Guitar Bar Chords Diagram
Basic bar chord diagram.
Pentatonic Minor Scale
Pentatonic minor scale.
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