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Breach The Mind is the fifth acoustic melodic folk song from my first Album called 12 String Drift. The music is played on a 12 string acoustic guitar in standard tuning with a capo on the third fret in the key of G. Music to me is a journey and communication of vibrations, as is the universe. When you break down atoms there is particles and when you break particles down, it is theorised there is strings. Vibrating matter with no set form or specification. The universe could be one great pile of vibration strings, where communication is possible all the way to infinity.

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Breach The Mind – Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

Never want to place.
My hands in the snow.
Never want to show. 
My colors in the night.
Life is full of greed.
The portrait isn’t free.
With no way to conceive. 
A path that isn’t me.

Can I breach the time in life.
Can I see inside the divine.
This time I am free, yeah, from who I used be.

Were on the open road.
With nowhere left to go.
The earth makes no mistakes.
It’s time to jump that train.
When life in here’s no good.
And nothing’s understood.
We have to find the space.
To make this dream a flame.

Can you see the light inside. 
Can you change your mind and read between the lines.
Cos we can only see, yeah, who we used to be.

Where on the open train.
Our hearts have walked away.
Our father went to stay.
In another place. 
This time we can try.
To find real human kind.
Cos in the end of time.
The heart will rule Your mind. 

Now we see that time is blind.
Can we find the line to breach the mind.
If we can only see, a dream that used to be.

Ylia Callan Guitar - Breach The Mind Acoustic 12 String Song
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