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Finding Novacane is the first acoustic rock song from my second Album called Hope is Grey. The track is played in open C tuning on the 12 string guitar as per standard these days. I thought it was time to rock out a bit further than the other acoustic rock and or roll songs on the album. I’m not even sure what rock is these days. I used to listen to surf punk rock back in the day, but these days I’m not into the surf music at all. I find it boring, plain and simple, but as time seems to repeat itself it does reflect the surf music of the late 1970’s, Where as my influence came from the late 1990’s. For my last song I’m planning on writing something really slow and melodic. Feel free to check out my sub par surf videos or read about my songwriting and recording on my musician bio.

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Finding Novacane Lyrics:

Now a song about nothing.
With no beginning and no end.
Words are worthless in my head.
The music’s flowing out instead.

And I’ll be writing till I’m dead.
Time is something I will not regret.
When there’s nothing on my chest.
Pack my bags and walk the rest.

Time awakens in the heart.
Sleeping lonely since the start.
Faith and omens guide the way today.
Finding time is novacane.

Is there life beyond the fence.
Sunlight rolling to the end again.
Words keep floating through my head.
The universe is older than it’s said.

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Finding Novacane Original Lyrics by Ylia Callan Guitar
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