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Future Indeed is the eighth acoustic melodic song from my first Album called 12 String Drift. The tune is played on a 12 string acoustic guitar in DADGAD tuning. The lyrics are to give confidence that humanity will prosper in the technological age. Humans were hunter gatherers for a couple million years, then came the age of agricultural for a couple thousand years, then came the industrial age for a couple hundred years, then came the information age for a couple decades. If the age of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics is next, will it only last a couple years and then what comes after that and will it only last a couple months and then what comes after that and will it only last weeks then days then hours then minutes then seconds then milliseconds and then nanoseconds. Maybe it’s time to build a supercomputer that can manage the world. And then we can stop building and start fixing. Maybe the length of age will start growing. The age of working together instead of competing means the end of capitalism. The age of freedom sounds pretty good to me.

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Future Indeed Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

And when the story’s over.
We’ll be working in our heads.
Machines will do the lifting.
And we won’t all be dead.

A face is now a follow.
I like you in my head.
I leave a comment borrowed.
Red dots are in the shed.

I post another photo.
A flicker in the feed.
Realities now virtual.
Awakening in me.

And now the story’s bolder.
Transmissions in our head.
We can watch ourselves grow older.
On a code that’s made for friends.

And now the story’s over.
Ones and zeros left in threads.
The futures now a folder.
The memories in our head.

Ylia Callan Guitar - Future Indeed Official Music Video
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