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Inbetween Shadows is the sixth acoustic melodic semi rock song from my second Album called Hope is Grey. The song is played on the 12 string acoustic guitar as per usual. Another song of many about living in a false reality. I just went through some of my old Instrumental recordings and picked this riff from an intro to a song I used in a Surf Video. It doesn’t have any chord progression changes, just the same chord pattern with different rhythms and strumming to finger picking. I usually just record the first verse and improvise and see what comes out. Then use that sample to modify the melodies and edit the lyrics and then write the remaining verses or choruses, which ever one that is, as it doesn’t have a verse chorus structure. I also use an online thesaurus to find words when needed as well as just google words that rhyme with other words. As for the guitar solos, I try to feel it out and then keep that in mind when I do the final recording, but there is always an element of improvisation. Read more about my songwriting and recording techniques on my Musician Bio here.

Inbetween Shadows Audio Mp3 🎼

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Inbetween Shadows Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

The face is but a shadow.
It’s signalled when we sleep.
It takes more than we’re granted.
And holds us on our knees.
It’s hidden in our dreams.

We’re dreaming of the future.
To see the change we seek.
When life is but a shadow.
Reality is bleak.
But now the door is open in-between.

Now we lift the curtain.
Of endless folding seems.
There’s nothing but a shadow.
It’s something we can see.
And we can beat the sadness in-between.

Inbetween Shadows Acoustic Audio Track Cover by Ylia Callan Guitar

Inbetween Shadows Original Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

Inbetween Shadows Original Lyrics by Ylia Callan Guitar
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