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Static Rise is the lucky number fifth acoustic 12 string song written for the Album called Seeing Sound. It was written with a similar method as many of my songs by recording the first take and just improvising the lyrics and then penning down and editing what came out.

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In a way it seems the theme of the song is a combination of my other songs. The guitar riff is actually one of the first songs I can remember writing and I ended up using the words in another song Watching Souls Collide. After I wrote the lyrics I then worked on the song structure, rhythms and picking style until it sounded polished enough to start practicing for a recording.

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Static Rise Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

This life is just a moment.
Travelling through our mind.
When silence is a lover.
Some people left behind.

Our skin is just a colour.
Reflecting through our sight.
Having faith in one another.
Or history may rewind.

And history may grow older.
With shadows on our side.
Experiences bolder.
Getting closer to mankind.

Until the stories over.
And flames begin to rise.
We can always help our neighbours.
So no ones left behind.

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Static Rise Original Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

Static Rise Original Lyrics by Singer Songwriter Ylia Callan
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