Living in a Cage – 12 String Original Songwriting – Pre Music Video 🎸 🎬

Living in a Cage - Music Video - Take 2 - Ylia Callan

Living In A Cage Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

Original song all about reality or a false reality.

We are living in a cage called life.
Time is something, freedom waits for us.
When there’s nothing left, to say goodbye.
I’ll keep waiting for the wave to rise.

Freedom is now what it takes to rise.
We are working everyday 5 till 9.
Salvation is what we chase with pride.
I’ll see that smile that’s on your face turn wide.

We sow the seeds of what we trade for time.
We take the dream of what we pray tonight.
We see the hearts of what we break for flight.
And in the end it what we make of life.

And i’ll keep listening for the waves to rise.
And i’ll keep looking through the shades of time.
And i’ll keep looking for the shade in life.
And we’ll keep looking for the shade in life.

Living In Cage Art 🎨

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