Island of the Sun – Original 12 String Fingerpicking Guitar Songwriting 🎸 🎬

Island of the Sun 12 String Guitar Fingerpicking Song Final Cut - Ylia Callan

Island of the Sun – Lyrics 🎙️

An island where I prayed.
To make a change, heaven made its way.
Next time I won’t pray. or make mistakes, I won’t walk away.
The pain inside the rain, it stays the same, stays inside my veins.

Sometimes life is good, through the pain, it throws You in the fire.
And through this strength is gained, for those who wait, it sometimes takes us higher.
But answers never came, to those who blame, sometimes makes us tired.
And then the pain of change, it came to late, it came to be my fate.

And now I see the sun, the island of the one, where it all begun.
As unknown answers wait, I’ll carry on, but once again it’s just a song.

This time life is fair, this time I don’t care.
The road is long, it makes me strong.
And so fait meets the eye and lookout I can’t cry.
But outside I will long to reach the sky.

I wrote this song, to say the least, that love is all, I can’t compete.
My word came out so deep and all I know, God is love, I cannot see.

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